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Leadership Coaching

It can be lonely at the top. Effective leaders need direct, candid and honest feedback to help them unlock their presence and leadership potential.

Through unbiased one-on-one coaching, we’ll address skills such as communication, conflict management, team building, decision-making and the importance of self-care, which are vital to your success.

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New Leader Transition

The transition to a leadership role starts with adding the responsibility of leading others. It also comes with a range of new challenges.

Together we will work to set you and your team up for success through a planned approach that includes one-on-one coaching sessions, leadership behavior assessment, goal setting and a new leader assimilation workshop with you and your team.

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Project Team Consulting

In my experience, businesses often introduce change by looking to outside consultants and leave employees to carry out the change. But your employees know your business, organization and culture best.

Let’s try something new. I’ll guide your employees through a proven change management process. You’ll build internal capabilities and develop engaged change leaders.


Leadership, Human Resources and Change Management Advisor

I’m a dot connector, team builder, talent finder, servant leader, truth teller, strategist, personal-development seeker, wife, mother, wannabe chef and author, CASA volunteer and trained addiction-recovery coach.

My 30 years of business experience spans sales, communications, training, operations, strategy development and change management. I have a Master’s in Human & Organization Development and am a certified Prosci Change Practioner. I love creating solutions – give me a blank sheet of paper and I’ll deliver an effective action plan.

I have the knack for assessing great talent and know that you can’t be a great leader and get the business results you desire without a great team.

Most importantly, I’m ready to work with you and your team to optimize your leadership potential and help your teams succeed.


Keep It Simple

A sign hangs in my office that describes how I like to work:

“Keep It Simple”

It all starts with you scheduling an initial complimentary 20 minute call to discuss your needs.  If I believe I can help…we move forward.  If I don’t have what you need, I’ll share connections I have that may be right for you.

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