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Project Team Consulting

Your employees know your business, organization, and culture best.  Whether you are looking to make organizational changes, process improvements or introducing new initiatives, having an effective change plan in place is key to achieving the desired results. I will guide your team by sharing my experience, proven change management approaches, tools, and templates.  Together, we will build a plan that will achieve the goal and at the same time be building your teams skills and capabilities.

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Strategy Development

Successful organizations have clear strategies in place that consider both   the operational and people aspects of the business.  Developing and communicating clear goals, objectives, expected behaviors and metrics is critical to achieving the desired results.

Employees must see how their work fits into the big picture.  I will work with your leadership team to develop your roadmap for success!

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1:1 Leadership Coaching

The team is looking at you for support, direction, and decision-making.  Your leadership is looking for results.  You must balance both while having your own questions, concerns, and ideas.  Through confidential, unbiased one-on-one coaching, we will advance your leadership presence.  We will work on what is important to you.  This may include topics like effective communication, sponsorship, conflict management, emotional intelligence, team dynamics, decision-making, and the importance of self-care.


Project Team Consulting 

The Need:

Create an integrated department communication plan

The Work:

Working with individuals across the department, we created a project team and through weekly project team meetings defined the problem, need, and solution.  We conducted focus groups, completed a stakeholder mapping exercise, identified existing communication channels, prioritized needs, built templates, communication cadences, revision/refresh schedules, and storage options. 

The Result:

The output included an integrated communication plan; weekly department communication that highlighted action items and information only content; created a one-stop-shop storage hub using an existing software platform; aligned communications with existing brand guidelines; and developed business update templates for use with a variety of audiences including executives, internal teams, and cross-functional partners.

Strategy Development 

The Need:

Define short- and long-term strategic direction for a functional leadership team

The Work:

I provided guidance to a newly formed leadership team through the creation of a defined strategic direction. This included development of a vision statement, mission statement, annual and long-term organizational goals, and a definition of how the organization would operate to achieve its objectives.  Along the way, we gathered input from the entire organization and modified the work to improve employee engagement.

The Result:

The inclusion of the broader organization during the development of each component of the strategy led to observable improvement in employee engagement.  Employees felt “a part of” the organization and understood the value of their roles in achieving organizational goals.

Leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching 

The Need:

Deliver Individualized Leadership Coaching

The Work:

Each person has a different situation and need based on where they are in their career journey.  I have worked with individual contributors aspiring to a management role, first-time people leaders making the shift from peer to boss, and executives responsible for large organizations that need to direct versus manage the work.  Through regularly scheduled meetings, we uncover successes, failures, challenges, and aspirations that we can use to create their personal action plan.  I generally find the use of an Emotional Intelligence assessment beneficial for providing clients with insights on how they see themselves versus how others see them in the areas of personal and social awareness. 

The Result:

When individuals are open-minded and see this as an opportunity for personal and career growth, the results are amazing.  It is probably one of the most fulfilling outcomes when I hear an individual say “I’m so glad we did this” or when a leader tells me they have seen “significant positive change” in team members.  With results like that, we all win!


Leadership, Human Resources and Change Management Advisor

I’m a dot connector, team builder, talent finder, servant leader, truth teller, strategist, personal-development seeker, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and wannabe chef and author. The beach is my happy place.

My years of business experience span sales, talent acquisition, communications, training, operations, strategy development, and change management. I have a Master’s in Human & Organization Development and am a certified Prosci Change Practitioner. I love creating solutions – give me a blank sheet of paper and I’ll deliver a simple yet effective action plan.

I have the knack for assessing great talent and know that you can’t be a great leader and get the business results you desire without a great team. I believe that leaders who demonstrate high emotional intelligence (e.g., self-awareness, social awareness, relationship management, self-management) are most successful.

Most importantly, I’m ready to work with you and your team to optimize your leadership potential and help your teams succeed.

Keep It Simple

A sign hangs in my office that describes how I like to work:

“Keep It Simple”

It all starts with you scheduling an initial complimentary 20 minute call to discuss your needs.  If I believe I can help…we move forward.  If I don’t have what you need, I’ll share connections I have that may be right for you.

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